20 Mouth-Watering Easter Ham Recipes to Serve at Your Holiday Dinner

We're drooling over these ham recipes you can serve year-round.

Easter ham recipes
The Food Charlatan, A Spicy Perspective

Looking for Easter dinner ideas? Ham it up this holiday with our celebratory recipes featuring decadent glazes, spices, and rich smoky flavors for the ultimate Easter feast. Pair the meal with our easy Easter appetizers and decadent spring desserts to really win Easter.

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Best-Ever Glazed Spiral Ham - Easter ham recipes
Best-Ever Glazed Spiral Ham

Bake this ham for a few hours to let the meat absorb all of the delicious flavors of brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and sweet apricot jam.

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Easter ham recipes - Instant Pot Easter Ham
Brandon Bales
Instant Pot Easter Ham

Yes, you can cook anr entire Easter ham in your Instant Pot! Easter just got so much easier.

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What you'll need: Instant Pot ($69, )

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Easter ham recipes - Dr. Pepper-Pineapple Glazed Easter Ham
Dr. Pepper-Pineapple Glazed Easter Ham

Although Dr. Pepper seems like an unlikely ingredient for a ham glaze, you won't regret enriching your Easter main with it.

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Easter ham recipes - Perfect Glazed Ham
Perfect Glazed Ham

This apple cider-based glaze is truly the perfect finish to your baked Easter ham.

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Easter ham recipes - Sweet and Sticky Apricot Glazed Ham
Sweet and Sticky Apricot Glazed Ham

Sweet, sticky, and juicy is the only way to have your Easter ham, so make sure you give this mouth-watering recipe a try.

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Easter ham recipes - orange glazed ham
Alexandra Rowley
Orange-Red Pepper Jelly and Orange Glazed Ham

This sweet and citrusy ham will be the star of your Easter meal.

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Easter ham recipes - apricot glazed ham
Charles Masters
Apricot and Spice-Glazed Ham

Jazzing up store-bought apricot jam is easy to do, but the sweet and spicy ingredients you add will give this succulent ham a real kick of flavor.

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Easter ham recipes - root beer glazed ham
Dana Gallagher
Root Beer Glazed Ham

Ree Drummond's recipe includes adding a can of root beer, Dr. Pepper, or cola to the glaze.

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Easter ham recipes - apricot glazed smoked ham
Iain Bagwell
Apricot Glazed Smoked Ham

This year, mix things up with a flavorful glaze and seasonings that are sure to take your ham from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Easter ham recipes - brown sugar mustard glazed ham
Alexandra Rowley
Brown Sugar and Mustard-Glazed Ham

The combination of mustard, brown sugar and white wine vinegar give this recipe a sweet and flavorful kick that guests won't stop talking about.

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Easter ham recipes - sweet spicy glazed ham
Jacqueline Hopkins
Sweet and Spicy Glazed Spiral Ham

An Easter ham is the star of the holiday feast, so why not dress it in flavors that make it worthy of the spotlight?

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Easter ham recipes - Orange–Coriander Glazed Ham
Orange–Coriander Glazed Ham

While ground coriander will work fine, opt for crushed coriander seeds for better texture.

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Easter ham recipes - slow cooker honey glazed ham
Courtesy of Wholefully
Slow Cooker Honey-Glazed Ham

Sit back, relax, and use this Crock-Pot recipe to make cooking Easter dinner feel effortless.

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Easter ham recipes - peach and ginger glazed honey ham
Courtesy of Miss In The Kitchen
Peach and Ginger Glazed Honey Ham

Take your usual glazed honey ham to the next level by adding unique ingredients like peach and ginger to make it extra sweet.

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hasselback pineapple ham
Courtesy of Roti n Rice
Hasselback Pineapple Ham

Pack each bite with sweet flavor by placing sliced pineapple between layers of boneless ham. This not only tastes great, but looks stunning, too.

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Easter ham recipes - pineapple honey glazed ham
Courtesy of Wonky Wonderful
Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

Made with Dijon mustard, pineapple juice, and honey, your Easter guests will ask for seconds — and even thirds.

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Easter ham recipes - bourbon orange glazed ham
Courtesy of The Chunky Chef
Bourbon Orange Glazed Ham

The bourbon in this sweet and tangy glaze brings even more delicious flavor to your holiday lineup.

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Easter ham recipes - oven roasted cranberry dijon glazed ham
Courtesy of The Food Charlatan
Oven-Roasted Cranberry-Dijon Glazed Ham

Who knew fresh cranberries could make everyone's favorite Easter dish taste even better?

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apple stuffed baked ham
Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective
Baked Ham with Honey Mustard and Apples

This juicy ham has sweet baked apples nestled between the slices — and it tastes oh-so-good.

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Easter ham recipes - slow cooker pineapple cranberry ham
Courtesy of Life With The Crust Cut Off
Slow Cooker Pineapple Cranberry Ham

Pineapple and cranberries add some tangy punch to the holiday staple, making this recipe lip-smacking good.

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