This Is The Cutest Egg Trick We've Ever Seen

Have some extra time on your hands? Here's how to make a heart-shaped egg!

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From , there are so many unique ways to cook this breakfast staple. But why stop at the perfect recipe when you can also have the cutest egg around?! It may take a little extra time and effort, but in just 5 steps you can make a heart-shaped :

1. While your , gather your materials. You will need a rectangular piece of cardboard, which can be cut off of an (below), a stick, and two rubber bands.


2. Once the egg is cooked, let it sit for two minutes to cool. Then peel the egg.


3. Fold the piece of cardboard in half. Place your egg in the center of the cardboard and then put the stick on top of the egg.


4. Put a rubber band around each end of the cardboard, securing the stick and egg in place. Note: the egg must be warm.


5. Refrigerate your egg for one hour. After an hour, you can remove the cardboard to reveal your heart-shaped egg!


Watch the video below for the full tutorial:

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