10 Charts That Will Make You a Better Cook

No more measurement conversions!


Next time a recipe lands you in Strugglesville, these graphics will lift you out of the fog.

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The Java Cupcake Blog
Convert Baking Ingredients

Instead of digging out the calculator every time you need to convert cups into ounces, this smart chart does the dirty work for you.

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Jennifer Bui/Thrillist
Know How Long Your Veggies Last

Who knew you could freeze tomatoes? Instead of tossing moldy produce within a few days, find out how to make 'em last longer.

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Handle the Heat
Make the Best Cookies

It's easy to please every kind of sweet tooth (some prefer crunchy, some prefer soft) with this chart, which breaks down the art of baking chocolate chip cookies.

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Max Reyes
Debone a Chicken

If chicken is your weeknight staple, it's super easy to make use of an entire rotisserie thanks to this how-to guide.

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Perfectly Boil Eggs

The texture of the yolk inside your hard-boiled egg is everything — so whether you like yours runny or as firm as can be, there's a time rec for your preference.

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Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed
Pick the Right Mixer

The right tool can finally give you that perfect peak on your meringue. You'll never use a whisk when you're better off with a paddle if you've got this chart on hand.

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Bake Homemade Bread

Nothing is more satisfying than breaking into a warm, just-out-of-the-oven loaf of bread. Even beginner bakers can pull off this impressive feat with the help of this illustrated chart.

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Chasing Delicious
Learn Everything About Eggs

If your egg expertise starts and ends with scrambling, look no further than this guide, which breaks down to-dos with egg whites, egg yolks, whole eggs, as well as substitutions.

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He and She Eat Clean
Cut a Recipe in Half

Why bother making a family-size recipe when it's just you two this weekend? Cooking for few has never been easier.

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Master Your Red Meat

Unless you're a Top Chef, knowing how to cook perfect steaks for every preference is a headache — until now. All you have to know is the temp and the time.

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