Chicken Soup

It's difficult for me to predict how my family will respond to some of the meals I make. I mean, this was chicken soup. It's not very exciting. Imagine my surprise when my husband spent most of dinnertime raving about it. My children did not join in on the raves, however, because they were too busy eating. (Yes, eating!)


First, I put 6 cups of water in my Dutch oven and set it over high heat. While it was coming to a boil, I chopped ½ an onion, 2 peeled carrots and 1 stalk of celery (and lots of leafy tops). I put the vegetables in the boiling water along with a bay leaf and 2 tablespoons chicken Better Than Bouillon (or use 6 cups of chicken stock instead of the water). Cooked the vegetables until tender; meanwhile I cut the cooked chicken into strips and added that to the pot. I ended up cooking a couple cups of egg noodles separately because the liquid in the pot seemed to low to cook the noodles properly; when they were done I drained them and added them to the soup. When I tasted, it seemed kind of bland so I added salt and pepper.

These recipes prove that soups can show off some great summer flavors:

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Kim Walker

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