Twitter Can't Handle These Super Awkward Instant Pot Cookbook Covers

Not even the closet couple cooks like this.


Ah, date night. It's the perfect time to open a bottle of wine and indulge in a home-cooked meal with your significant other. Cooking, after all, is a hands-on activity and it gives you the opportunity to unpack the new Instant Pot you got for Christmas.

But when you’re making dinner together, how close should you and your partner really get? According to Instant Pot cookbook authors, pretty close.

Podcast host Mike Rugnetta recently noticed an incredibly awkward trend in a number of Instant Pot For Two cookbooks on Amazon: Every cover features a woman preparing a dish with a man hovering behind her to “help,” sometimes even resting his hand on hers. “These poor women,” Rugnetta wrote on Twitter.

He’s right. Just take a look at the bizarre photos:

these poor women

— Countdown to Spooky Names Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) January 22, 2018


— Countdown to Spooky Names Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) January 22, 2018

These tomes aren’t on Instant Pot’s list of authorized or recommended cookbooks (those, thankfully, don't actually feature humans on the cover). But on Amazon alone there are more than 10 books featuring oddly close couples cooking up a storm. At least it seems like they’re enjoying themselves, right?

Since he first noticed the pattern, Rugnetta's tweets have garnered more than 21,000 favorites and 5,300 retweets. Followers immediately responded with their own commentary, zooming in on the most uncomfortable parts of the images.

At what point will we be using the pot in the preparation of what looks like cucumber sandwiches?

— scrads (@angharadyeo) January 22, 2018

What in the ever living hell do you think she didn’t know about this pepper

— Kristin Russo (@kristinnoeline) January 22, 2018


— Mark Vanderhoff (@Mark_Vanderhoff) January 23, 2018

And some couldn't help but stress over the amateur chefs' poor technique:

I'm more wondering the odds and possible statistics of a left handed couple. Or maybe he's just left handed and that's why she looks a little worried.

— Katy Jean (@katynotie) January 22, 2018

someone is going to lose a finger

— Hank Green ➡️ VidCon AUS! (@hankgreen) January 23, 2018

If after all of this you still want to try out Instant Pot cooking for two, you can buy the books here. But maybe ask your partner to help with something else while you chop peppers — just for the sake of saving a finger or two.


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($70, Instant Pot, .com)


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($8, Instant Pot for Two Cookbook: 250 Amazing Instant Pot Recipes for 2, .com)

(h/t ScaryMommy)

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