almond stuffed apricots dipped in chocolate


Almond-Stuffed Apricots Dipped in Chocolate
These little treats are the perfect midday snack or small dessert after a huge dinner.
grainy mustard soft pretzels
Grainy Mustard Soft Pretzels
Cynthia Nims's soft pretzels require a little effort, and it may tak…
Joy Bauer's New Company Makes Smart Snacking Easy
Its 3 pm and youre standing in front of a vending machine, trying to…
Homemade Honey Graham Crackers
Homemade graham crackers sweetened with natural honey make a tasty a…
chars granola
Char's Granola
Try this drizzled on your morning oatmeal, on top of yogurt, or as a…
5 Ways to Wow Guests at a Winter Olympics Viewing Party
Get our winning ideas for snacks, desserts and drinks
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sunchoke chips with warm blue cheese dip
Sunchoke Chips with Warm Blue-Cheese Dip
This seasonal take on chips and dip is full of deep, rich flavors and perfect for cold-weather entertaining.
pear and orange muffins
Pear and Orange Muffins
Orange and pear add natural sweetness to these tasty but healthy muffins.
mocha chip muffins
Mocha Chip Muffins
Basic (and surprisingly healthy!) muffins get an upgrade, with sweet chocolate chips and a little espresso for an extra boost.
parmesan pastry pipes
Parmesan Pastry Pipes
Simple but oh-so-satisfying, these rich cheese-filled pastries are sure to be a big hit at any party.
deviled eggs
Deviled Eggs
Smoked paprika, bacon, and fresh green herbs give the traditional deviled egg a delectable new complexity.
thyme roasted marcona almonds
Thyme-Roasted Marcona Almonds
For an easy holiday snack or cocktail party hors d'oeuvres, try whipping up a batch of these crunchy, fragrant, savory almonds.
spicy edamame dip
Spicy Edamame Dip
For a fresh and spicy take on the usual dip, Trisha Yearwood uses healthy edamame to make this protein-packed snack.
chewy oat bars
Chewy Oat Bars
Make a batch of these chewy oat bars and you'll have weeks worth of on-the-go tasty snacks.
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Crispy Chicken Bites Recipe
boiled peanuts
Boiled Peanuts
So simple, but so satisfying. Salty boiled peanuts make a great snack anytime.
<p>Looking for more ways to use America's favorite snack food? Go beyond the bowl and add potato chips to these savory and sweet foods for added crunch and flavor. Then, keep clicking through to spice up snack time with 8 exciting options<strong>.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Hot 'n' Cheesy Chips</strong>: Spread 5 oz (4 cups) plain chips on a foil-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with ½ tsp Cajun seasoning and ½ cup grated Cheddar and bake at 400°F for 5 minutes.</p>
<p><strong>Crispy Chicken Strips</strong>: Coat chicken tenders (or boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut lengthwise into thirds) in crushed potato chips (use barbecue or jalapeño for zing), pressing gently to help them adhere. Bake at 400°F until cooked through, 12 to 15 minutes.</p>
<p><strong>Crunchy Mac 'n' Cheese</strong>: Crush 1 cup potato chips, then toss with 2 scallions (finely chopped) and 2 Tbsp chopped parsley. Sprinkle over mac 'n' cheese and bake for 20 minutes.</p>
<p><strong>Chocolate Treats</strong>: Sprinkle crushed plain chips over chocolate fudge before it sets or over chocolate brownies before they go in the oven.</p>
8 Unusual Potato Chip Flavors
Tantalize your taste buds with these extraordinary eats, plus recipes using Americas favorite snack
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baked broccoli cheddar rollups
Baked Broccoli-Cheddar Rollups
These fast, kid-friendly treats are easy for everyone to enjoy with their hands (and a deliciously cheesy way to sneak in some veggies)…
cracked pepper and parmesan popcorn
Cracked Pepper and Parmesan Popcorn
Spicy flecks of freshly cracked black better and savory Parmesan add a sophisticated kick to simple popcorn.
masala munch popcorn
Masala Munch Popcorn
This popcorn-based snack mix is full of spice and crunchy, delicious additions that will keep you coming back for more.
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