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4 Makeup Tricks That Instantly Take Off 10 Years

No 10-step contouring plan required.

<p>Didn't get much sleep last night? Wave your cosmetic magic wand: These simple solutions instantly undo fine lines, a tired complexion and more. Plus, find out which miracle-working products get the job done fast.</p>
8 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger
Follow these tips to erase years instantly
<p>"My complexion is dull and my lips are disappearing."</p>
<p>DIANE DURANDO, 44</p>
<p><strong>What's really happening</strong></p>
<p>"As your skin loses elasticity with age, facial features droop and lips thin," says makeup artist Laura Geller. Diane's sensitive skin looked washed out without the help of makeup to create contour.</p>
Miracle-Working Hair and Makeup Tricks to Look...
Knock years off your face with these feature-defining tips
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<p>Missing your youthful glow and plump lips of years past? Learn how to take years off your look without heading to the dermatologist. Instead, try the following age-defying makeup tricks that'll give sagging skin a boost, deflate puffy eyes and more.</p>
Age-Defying Makeup Tricks
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10+ Effortless Ways to Look Younger
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