easter cakes

holiday desserts

30+ Cute and Easy Easter Cakes

Grab some Easter candy and baking supplies, and get ready to be inspired!

Royal Icing
This simple but essential icing can be used to decorate an array of …
Holiday-Themed Boozy Ice Cream Is Coming Soon

All we want for Christmas is spiked ice cream.

Make Reese's Trees That Actually Look Like Trees
The Internet was in an uproar over Reese's trees that looked more li…
Homemade food gifts for the holidays Polar Bear Cupcakes
Polar Bear Cupcakes
These cuties are as fun to make as a gingerbread house, but much tas…
Marshmallows Christmas Desserts

Marshmallows aren't just for s'mores: These peppermint versions make perfect stocking stuffers.

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Chocolate Bark Christmas Desserts
Red and White Chocolate Bark

Stuff your stockings with this festive holiday chocolate bark.

Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Napoleans Christmas Desserts
Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Napoleons

Give your Christmas party a French twist with this light and decadent Napoleon recipe.

Checkerboard Cake Christmas Desserts
Checkerboard Cake

This red and white cake is the perfect dessert to finish off Christmas day.

Santa Hat Meringues Christmas Desserts
Santa Hat Meringues

Pipe at an angle to create floppy hats.

Cookie Pops Christmas Desserts
Spiral Cookie Pops

Turn this year's Christmas cookies into everyone's new favorite lollipop.

christmas jelly shots
14 Festive Jello Shots to Make Your Holidays Extra Happy
Make these bite-sized, booze-infused jelly shots before the party gets started.
reindeer cookies
Reindeer Cookies
With these cookies, you can make Rudolph and all of his friends to help spread holiday joy!
chocolate gingerbread cake
The 10 Most Decadent Christmas Desserts
Swap standard sweets for these treats that almost look too good to eat
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mini cheesecakes with sugared pecans
Mini Cheesecakes with Sugared Pecans
These marvelous mini cheesecakes, with a sweet pecan topping and buttery shortbread crust, are perfect to serve guests at a holiday din…
cupcake wreath
Cupcake Wreath
This pretty-as-a-picture dessert uses lots of individual treats, like cupcakes and cut-out cookies, to create one temptingly sweet holi…
chocolate eggnog floats
Chocolate Eggnog Floats
These creamy bourbon- and rum-spiked after-dinner treats are perfect for enjoying during the holiday season, or on any cozy night in.
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mini drum cakes
Mini Drum Cakes
These pretty little cakes are not only adorable, they're also just the right size for enjoying in one quick, delectable bite.
pavlovas with pomegranate cream
Pavlovas with Pomegranate Cream
Made with delicate meringue, rich sweet cream, and tangy pomegranate, these darling desserts are a luscious holiday treat.
lords and ladies sugar cookies
Lords and Ladies Sugar Cookies
These little leaping cookies are about as much fun to make as they are to eat!


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