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healthy snacks

35+ Easy-to-Make Healthy Snacks

Plus, they'll help you stay energized all day — goodbye mid-afternoon crash!

smoky spanish almond popcorn
Smoky Spanish Almond Popcorn
Crunchy Marcona almonds and paprika give this popcorn a Spanish flai…
The Best Foods to Eat in Any Situation
Discover what to munch on before a workout, after a night out and mo…
baked kale chips
Baked Kale Chips
Believe it or not, kale can be used to make crispy chips that the wh…
stack of chocolate chip cookies
Snacks That Sabotage Your Diet
Learn how to conquer any snack attack with these healthier eats
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woman stretching in fitness clothes
Boost Your Health Now
Take these shortcuts for better fitness, oral hygiene and more
apple bars
Snack to Give Back!
What if your afternoon snack could change lives? If you buy a bar from Two Degrees Foods, it just might. Every time one of their snack …
Homemade Banana Chips
I love making snacks myself! The great thing about homemade snacks is that you know exactly what you are eating-and you have no additiv…
Kale Chip Recipe
Have you heard of kale chips? They're exactly what they sound like: chips, made out of kale. They're a healthy way to sneak in some n…
New Year, New You!
Is your resolution is to get healthier this year? If so, the good news is that it doesn't mean you have to cut out your favorite snacks…
New Healthy Snack Idea for the New Year
If you're recommitting to a healthy lifestyle in 2012 (and have a few lingering jars of pumpkin), try this healthy snack idea from Ali…
Next time you want a snack, consider grabbing a few handfuls of almonds. One serving--23 almonds (1 oz) --has 162 calories, and these t…
Dr. Sears Popumz
Dr. Searsthe famous pediatriciansent me a box of his companys relatively new snacks, Popumz, the other day. It was a variety pack of of…
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Kashi Cereal Bars
I usually dont like snacks with fruit layers or fillings because it tastes fake and overly sweet to me. But, the fruity center in the K…
Food Blogger (Fall) Friday – Kaitlin
Embrace fall flavors over the next few months with our new series, featuring the best autumn-themed healthy blogger snacks and recipe…
Healthy Graham Crackers
I forgot how much I love graham crackers until I recently discovered Health Valleys amaranth bran version. Theyre sweet and crunchy and…
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Food Blogger (Fall) Friday: Stacy
Embrace fall flavors over the next few months with our new series, featuring the best autumn-themed healthy blogger snacks and recipes…
All-Natural Fruit Leather
Fruit leatheressentially, Fruit Roll-Ups for adults. Which is probably why I like it. But leather does the roll one-up: Its good for yo…
shrimp illustration
Shrimp Cocktail
Everyone loves to dip shrimp into sauce; its fun and its tasty. So here are two sauces that are very different but equally delicious.

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