The History Behind Friday the 13th

Here's why so many people are so scared of it.

After This Girl Started Leaving Food For Crows,...
Find out the adorable reason this 8-year-old is making headlines
The Beautiful Reason This 6-Year-Old Got To Be A...
He wore an official uniform, got to use a fire hose and more
Here's Why This Man Who Shot and Killed a...
William DeHayes says the shooting was accidental and he's "lived thr…
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This Family Was Devastated After a Photo of Their Sick Child Became an Internet Meme
It's a sad lesson that cyberbullying doesn't have an age limit.
This Retirement Home Recreated Famous Movie Posters With Too-Adorable Results
Their passion for the camera will put a smile on your face.
This Skydiver Had A Mid-Air Seizure And It's The Scariest Thing Ever
This is everyone's worst anxiety dream come true.
This Inspiring Teacher Is Making a Permanent Sacrifice for a Student in Need
First-grade teacher Lindsey Painter went above and beyond the call of duty.
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This Boston Man Is Selling Snow
All of Massachusetts is screaming Why didnt I think of that?
Security Cameras at Disneyland Caught A Ghost Lurking Around
Apparition? Coincidence? Lighting? Who knows...
5-Year-Old Boy Remembers How He Died in His Past Life
He claims he was a woman who perished in a 1993 fire.
Teacher Of The Year Fired Over A Dirty Diaper
Two weeks after receiving the St. Louis, MO, Teacher of the Year award, Kelly Hahn was removed from her preschool classroom and is now …
Inspiring Dad Has Hip Replaced, Turns The Old One Into A Cane
When Life gives you damaged hip joints, turn them into canes.

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