Rebecca Shinners

Social Media Editor

Rebecca is the social media editor at and When she's not writing about house tours, DIYs, and food, she's probably out shoe shopping, eating too much dessert, or surrounded by puppies (sometimes all 3 at once).

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10 Everyday Household Items That Make Perfect Seedling Starters

One person's trash is another person's must-have for a gorgeous garden.

"Milk Bath" Photography Is Our New Favorite Baby Photography Trend

It's about so much more than just getting a pretty picture.

There are 40 Different Types of Fruit Growing on This Single Tree

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This is The Best Way to Clean Your Dirty Baking Sheets

The "miracle" solution is already in your cabinets, too.

21 Things You Need to Tell Your Grandma Before She's Gone

"You always make even my smallest accomplishments seem like they matter."

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Now Horses Can Bundle Up In Ridiculously Cute Christmas Onesies, Too

It's called the "foursie" and it is a feast for the eyes.

Every Time This Rescue Dog and Tiny Human Cuddle Our Hearts Melt

We're pretty much just a puddle on the floor right now.

A Definitive Ranking of Ellen's 10 Best-Ever Halloween Videos

#1 was so good, the comedian vowed never to do it again.

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Salt Lamps Can Help Boost Your Health and Mood

While these lamps date back to the late 80s, they're about to make a major comeback.

13 Secrets Haunted House Workers Don't Want You to Know

The real horror stories happen behind the scenes.

You Won't Be Able to Look Away From This Hypnotizing Halloween Makeup Video

Watch as this girl is transformed into Minnie Mouse using only beauty products.

Watch the Insanely Sweet Moment This Newborn Helps Her Big Sister Stop Crying

When one toddler was upset, only her baby sister could calm her down.

The Story Behind This Breathtaking Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot Is Heartrending

After six miscarriages, one mom-to-be is celebrating her little miracle.

You Could Be Getting Your Favorite Beauty Products For Way Cheaper

This new Instagram account rounds up all the best drugstore deals.

15 Normal, Everyday Things That Can Be Major Anxiety Triggers

Those who struggle with anxiety know these all too well.

This School Replaced Detention With Meditation and the Results Are Impressive

Robert W. Coleman Elementary didn't issue a single suspension last year.

This Woman Is Sharing Why She Has to Shave Her Face Every Morning

Polycystic ovary syndrome is more common than you think.

11 Absolutely Marvelous Ways to Paint Your Nails This Fall

Just imagine how good these manicures will look with your fall wardrobe.