Kelly Potts

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This Scary Facebook Scam Will Make You Rethink Liking and Sharing Photos
Its nearly impossible to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without seeing an image that tugs at your heartstrings. What you may not…
Woman Gives Birth After Being Pronounced Clinically Dead
She was kept on life support for two months to deliver the child.
What Santa Did For This Little Girl Will Melt Your Heart
She finally got to talk to a Santa who spoke her language.
Man Fakes Heart Attack to Help Friend Steal Toys
With the holidays quickly approaching, it's easy to go a little crazy while trying to check every item off of your list of things to ge…
This Dog Walks Around Like a Human Tourist, and It's Hysterical
You might think at first sight that this pooch would only catch your eye due to the colorful outfit clearly intended for people.
Little Boy Has BEST Reaction to Birthday Present Packing Materials
In a hilariously adorable video, a little guy named Riley gives his parents an extremely unexpected reaction to a birthday gift from hi…
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This Is the Cutest Version of the Nutcracker You'll Ever See
The unusual duo of ballet and dogs puts shelter adoptions in the spotlight
The Surprising Way Responding to Letters to Santa Became a Family Tradition
This yearly task brought together a family and put smiles on children's faces.
Sex Offender Wins $3 Million Lottery, Causes Debate
Controversy has been sparked after Timothy Poole, a Lake County, FL, man who was convicted of sexual battery of a child in 2001, recent…
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The Best Toys Inspired by Entertainment
These toys were all inspired by children's entertainment
Soon, You'll Be Able to Wear the World's Tiniest Bible
The smallest bible ever created is becoming available for every religious person to wear as a part of their regular jewelry.
Shocking Christmas Display Including President Obama Causes Controversy
David Wheeler, from Rogers, AR, decided to express his freedom of speech in an unconventional way.
Toys That Inspire Creativity
Bring your child's imagination to an inspiring new level
This Video Shows the Most Beautiful Paying It Forward Story Ever
This short film proves that one small act of kindness can make a huge impact, leading to a ripple effect of kind acts that ultimately a…
Man Uses Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass to Feed Homeless
After spending $100 on a Never Ending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden, which entitles the card holder to unlimited pasta for seven weeks, …
Neighborhood Delays Halloween with Star Wars Celebration for Hospitalized Preschooler
Darth Vaders and stormtroopers aplenty took to the suburban streets of Alpharetta, GA, to make a little boys day in a big way.
Munchkin, the Teddy Dog, Makes the Most Adorable Treadmill Walker
Everyone's favorite mini bear is back in action
Dad Can't Stop Laughing While Punishing Prankster Kids
This father just couldnt help but laugh out loud while trying to be serious with his two young sons who covered their faces and bodies …
Witness to FSU Shooting Shares Chilling Video of Crime
Sarah Evans was sitting right by the entrance of Strozier Library on Florida State Universitys campus in the middle of the night on Thu…
Couple Charged for Negative Hotel Review
After a not-so-pleasant stay at a hotel in Blackpool, UK, Tony and Jan Jenkinson happily detailed the horrors, from wrongly wired elect…
Adorable Puppy in Teddy Bear Costume Will Make Your Day
You'll want to squeeze this stuffed animal look-alike
WATCH: This 100-Year-Old Belly Dancer Still Moves Like She's 30
You used to be able to find senior citizen Catherine Furst, whom many call Kay, in a nursing homebut she wasnt one of the residents.

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