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how to clean house
Our Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your House—Fast

You've been cleaning your home wrong all these years.

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best cleaning supplies
5 Cleaning Supplies the Pros Can't Live Without

Overhaul your cleaning kit with these must-have tools.

11 Smart Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Sail through the season with these smart shopping, hosting and gift-giving tips.

cleaning products
7 Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal
Find out what to do—and avoid—immediately following a spill
Ways to Tackle Household Odors
Learn simple methods for airing out stubborn indoor smells
WD's Guide to Storing Leftovers
Find the best containers to buy and use for keeping food fresh
7 Dishwasher Dilemmas—Solved
Find out why your glasses are cloudy, how to prevent streaks and more
green bag filled with groceries
7 Things Your Grocer Wants You to Know

Make the most of your supermarket trips with these grocery-shopping tips

household tips
Eliminate Kitchen Odors
Get solutions for four common cooking-space smells
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pill bottle with blank label
6 Things Your Patient Advocate Wants You to Know
Learn how to save money on medical bills, get your doctor to return your calls and more
Organize Your Photos Like a Pro
Preserve your print and digital memories with these ingenious ideas
WD's Guide to Common Household Stains
Get tricks for preventingand treatingunsightly carpet, couch and wall marks
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Time-Saving Cleaning Tricks

Learn the quickest way to clean irksome items in your home

red apron with cleaning supplies
5 Must-Have Cleaning Tools
Keep these household supplies handy to get the job done faster
pink gloves
Clean Your House in Less Than an Hour

Discover 20 simple and speedy tricks to help you tackle every room

disaster kit
14 Disaster Kit Essentials
Pull together this portable emergency package with enough food and supplies for three days
disaster kit article
5 Things You Need to Do Before a Disaster Strikes
Ensure your household is emergency-ready with these must-know tips
alarm clock
4 Ways to Motivate Your Child in the Morning
Send them off to school primped and prepped with time to spare
morning routine illustration
What Kind of Morning Rusher Are You?
Find out what slows you down and how to get out of the house faster
Curb Paper Clutter at Home
Forget piling and filing systemslearn how to divide and conquer like the pros
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