Sophia Caraballo

Sophia Caraballo

Freelance Assistant Editor

Sophia is currently an assistant editor at Womans with experience in writing everything from fashion and beauty to health, fitness, and wellness. 

bbq side dishes - Peach Caprese Salad
23 BBQ Side Dishes That'll Impress Your Guests This Summer

They include everything from cornbread to fried pickles.

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how to cut dog's nails
best multivitamins for women
The Best Multivitamins for Women, According to Experts

It's easy to boost your health with these supplements.

money making apps
29 Money-Making Apps You Can Use From the Comfort of Your Home

Consider your weekend plans paid for.

hard work quotes
21 Quotes About Hard Work That'll Inspire You To Do Your Best

Share these with your coworker to get them through a tough day.

how to remove a tick from a dog
How to Properly Remove a Tick From a Dog

You'll want to remove them ASAP.

mixed breed dogs
These Cute Mixed Breeds Are So Cute, You'll Want to Bring Them All Home

You can find most of these breeds in animal shelters.

how to get rid of fleas on dogs
Get Rid of Those Pesky Fleas With These Easy Techniques

You'll want to be prepared as the fleas come out to play this summer.

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4th of july fireworks
A Guide To Finding Fireworks Near You This 4th of July

You won't have to worry about missing the show.

celebrity baby names
The Most Creative Celebrity Baby Names

Some might inspire you to be a little bit more daring when naming your child!

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how to potty train a dog
how to clean dog ears
How to Effortlessly Clean Your Dog's Ears

No need to pay a groomer when it's simple to do at home!

small cat breeds
14 Small Cat Breeds the Whole Family Will Love

The best things — including pets — come in small packages.

hipster baby names
These Baby Names Are Unique and Cool At the Same Time

Your Atticus is sure to stand out from a crowd of Johns.

outdoor games for adults
Large cat breeds
11 Large Cat Breeds to Make Part of Your Family

The bigger the cat, the bigger the cuddles right?

paw plunger
This Paw Mudbuster Cleans Your Dog's Dirty Feet

Keep dirty paws off your white couch.

Outdoor games for kids - Family playing tug-of-war in park
15 Outdoor Games for Kids

They can play these games in a big group or with their siblings.

family dinner ideas - Kale Pesto Pasta
40 Family Dinner Ideas That Are Quick and Easy

Whether your family is craving tacos, pizza, or fried rice, there's a dish for everyone.

woman running - best exercises to lose weight
The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

A combination of these exercises will help you reach your fitness goal.

Waterproof Mascara
The Best Waterproof Mascaras To Withstand Summertime Swims

And most of them can be found at your nearest drugstore.

raw chicken - salmonella
Everything You Need to Know About Salmonella

It might not be as deadly as you think.