Kayla Nicole Isaacs

Editorial Intern
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halloween cookies
40 Halloween Cookies That Are So Easy to Make It's Scary

We're dying over the "Ben Better" gravestone treat.

This Mailman Takes Time Every Day to Stop and Give This Pup a Hug

The dog's owner caught him in the act—of kindness.

Rare Footage of Marilyn Monroe at Her Third Wedding Has Surfaced

Take a look at the intimate, never-before-seen footage of the icon.

These Sweet Dogs Are So Ashamed They Stole All the Treats

"Maybe if we look away, the problem will go away?"

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This Incredible 1,500 Person Choir Singing "Hallelujah" Is Going Viral

This is most epic rendition of the song we've ever heard.

This Grandpa Built a Disneyland-Themed Amusement Park In His Backyard

Forget Disneyland—these lucky grandchildren have their very own theme park!

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Watch the Joyful Moment This Girl Born Without a Hand Gets a 'Frozen' Prosthetic

Thanks to a few kind college students and a 3-D printer, this third-grader has the coolest prosthetic ever.

This Video of a Dog Realizing He Can Stand Up In the Pool Is Going Viral

Forget the doggy paddle, this Labrador would rather walk!

dwarf cats saved
We Dare You Not to Fall In Love With These Sweet Kittens Born with Dwarfism

The duo was dumped at a shelter because of their condition.