Jane Bianchi

Jane Bianchi

Jane Bianchi is a writer and editor with more 13 years of experience specializing in health; she formerly worked as a health editor at Family Circle, and her work has appeared in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Esquire, and more.

6 Weight Loss Transformations That Prove the Buddy System Works

Friends who work out together, stay together drop major pounds together.

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The Secret to This Woman's 102-Pound Weight Loss? Walking

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Alzheimer's Brad Anderson
What Happens When Your Husband Becomes Your Caregiver

As dementia slowly steals my wife of 41 years, I do everything I can to make her feel comfortable and loved.

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10 Bizarre Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

You'd be amazed by what's happening during your snooze sessions.

Sandy and Bret
She Beat Breast Cancer Just to Find Out the Treatment Gave Her Heart Failure

Chemotherapy helped get rid of Sandy Glorioso's breast cancer, but it weakened her heart to the point that she needed a transplant.

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20 Sex Mistakes You're Probably Making

Up your pleasure and avoid bad sex with this expert advice.

This Cancer Survivor Holds the Hands of Patients Who Need Her Most
Meet patient navigator Felicia Mahone, who provides essential emotional support to help women beat disease
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10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Has Cancer
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<p>One of the best ways you can help yourself <em>and</em> future generations <a href="http://landcruisers.info/health-fitness/conditions-diseases/how-to-live-longer" target="_self">live longer</a> is to create a <a href="http://landcruisers.info/health-fitness/creating-a-family-medical-history-chart-72249" target="_self">medical history</a>. Here's why: If you discover that a certain disease runs in your family, you can immediately take measures to lower your risk and start getting screened sooner (the earlier you catch a health problem, the easier it is to treat). The completed project also makes a great present for others, so start compiling your family's health legacy using these four simple steps.</p>
Gather Your Family's Medical History
Find out how to help you and your relatives stay well for life
couple in bed together
10 Sex Positions That Replace the Gym

Target key muscle groups (and spice it up in the sack) by trying out these new moves

<p>Just because your first or second marriage didn't work out doesn't mean that you can't still find true love. Of course, it's not easy. The more marriages you have, the more it increases your chance of <a href="http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-intelligent-divorce/201202/the-high-failure-rate-second-and-third-marriages" target="_blank">divorcing</a>: 50% for your first, 67% for your second, and 73% for your third. </p>
<p>Michele Collum, 46, from Dallas TX, is a registered nurse and health <a href="http://www.constrictedcranium.blogspot.com" target="_blank">blogger</a>. She Michele is one of 12 women who defied the odds and finally hit the jackpot with their third husbands. She says, "In 2011, I met Bob, 55. Just after Bob proposed, I found out I had to have two brain surgeries, which changed our lives. I feel like Bob got the runt of the litter, but he's always kind to me, even when things are tough. In previous marriages, I lived in fear of being belittled. So Bob and I follow the "golden rule" and treat each other the way we'd like to be treated. He has healed my wounded heart and looks at me with warm, tender eyes like the McDreamy character looks at Meredith on the TV show <em>Grey's Anatomy." </em> </p>
<p>Click next to hear others dish about how they found their soul mates and what is really making their marriages stick. </p>
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10 Sneaky Signs He's Not Being Honest About Money
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