Brooke Shunatona

Senior Beauty Editor

I'm's senior beauty editor. I floss every day, I own more swimsuits than real clothes, and I have a very healthy obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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25 Bags You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

Except you called them purses because it was the '90s.

28 Jewelry Things From the '90s and Early '00s You Were Obsessed With

Back when your favorite jewelry was worth less than a dollar.

18 Shoes From the '90s You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

We still miss our Steve Madden slip-ons, to be honest.

Proof That You Should Never Worry About Your Clothing Size

If she were alive today, Marilyn Monroe could wear anything from a 00 to an 8.

13 Genius Eyeliner Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

And we're not just talking about mastering the cat eye.

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The 1 Thing You Do Every Day That's Ruining Your Hair Color

The video proof this colorist posted is insane.

18 Genius Hacks for Fi Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Makes

Shimmer makeup products aren't for every skin type.

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21 Who-Knew Fixes For Annoying Clothing Mishaps

These tricks stop an accidental stain or tear from totally ruining your day.

Here's the Difference Between Drugstore and Department Store Makeup

I did some very important research so you don't have to.

This 25-Year-Old Woman Paid $14,000 to Look Like Disney Princesses

She says her dream job is to be a real princess at Disney World.

17 Tricks for Using Every Drop of Your Products

Save money by making your favorite products and makeup last longer.

17 Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks
Declutter your bathroom without tossing any of your beloved products.
16 Fragrance Tricks Every Woman Should Know
Get the most out of your pricey perfumes.
20 Genius Concealer Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know
Life-changing ways to cover pimples, under-eye circles, blemishes and more
17 No-Carve Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkins
Rethink Halloween decorating with these gorgeous ideas
10 Popular Pinterest Beauty Tricks That Can Actually Really Hurt You
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20 Genius Hacks for Fi Ruined Clothes

Try these clever shortcuts the next time you spot a stain

14 Brilliant Space-Saving Ways to Pack Your Suitcase
Wrinkle no blouse, tangle no jewelry, leave no beauty product behind and still have room to spare

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