Kate Rockwood

how to improve credit score
3 Women with 3 Very Different Credit Scores Open About Their Finances

From excellent to low, here's how they're improving their credit scores.

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retirement savings tips
The Ultimate Fool-Proof Guide to Saving Money for Retirement

Start a savings plan today with these easy tips!

11 Genius Ways to Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Kiss that yard sale goodbye—your $$$ awaits online.

I Asked for a Bargain Every Time I Opened My Wallet for a Month—Here's What Happened

You'll never believe how much one woman saved just by asking for discounts.

I Figured Out How to Hack Facebook to Score Deals

Just a few simple tricks saved me $631 in one month.

7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
Get the facts so you can start saving money stat!
8 Things Your Tax Preparer Wants You To Know
Including some new-for-2015 tips that can up your refund.
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